Take The Pledge

Being an ally for bullied young people or taking a stand for yourself as a victim, is the first step in changing the way you think about bullying and a way for your friends and family to know what you stand for.  Sign the pledge today.

Recently,Kajmere Houchins and the little ninjas behind The Power Cave made a decision to take a leap of faith and take The Power Cave online, and turn it in to a living breathing entity.

We are seeking risk takers, believers, the faithful, and those that see a need for the betterment of the next generation to stand up and show that they care.  If you would like to invest in something great,  and your interest goes further than a "oh that's great" or an "atta girl", then we need your money. We need your hard earned moolah!!

If you are interested in helping us raise funds to share our message of hope, love, teen self advocacy and learning by living and loving to our generation then whip out your debit cards and get to rackin' up the points!  To do so, we made it easy, we started a Go Fund Me account. This is a simple way for our supporters to continue doing what they have always done, have faith in us. Thank you for all your support. Click here to donate to our cause. 

Recent News

 March 26, 2014- The Power Cave is proud to announce our new partnership with Chris Surrey and Teresa Springer of Paintbox Laboratories and the "Be a Buddy. Not a Bully" Campaign! To learn more about this exciting partnership read on.....

Campaigns You Join!


I Love Myselfie

    Join us in celebrating your unique body. No matter the shape, size, color or gender we want you to give yourself permission to love YOU!

Whats Happening Now

Joining Forces

     The Power Cave has a new ally in the fight against bullying. PaintBox Labratories and the Karen Klein Anti-bullying Foundation are poised to make a difference in the Northwest. Learn how here.

"Coming Out"

Join "Coming Out" stories in 100 words or less. Join us in taking experiencing the harrowing and difficult road to self discovery through the eyes of LGBTQ young people and adults. To submit your story here.

TedxTeen 2014

     Whether you've heard of TED Talks or are an avid listener,there is always something to learn from the courageous and innovative people who take the stage. This year, TEDxTeens 5 year Anniversary conference included our very own Kajmere Houchins!






College Prep In Middle School

     Think it's too early to be getting ready for college? Well you would be wrong. Getting ready for college takes preparation. Here we share a few tip about what you need to be doing before  your middle school days are over.

 The Compassion Project Training

  The Compassion Project is here! Get trained on how to share this amazing workshop on compassion, bullying and action with your school or group. Sign up today!

We Day 2014   

     We Day is a global initiative challenging and celebrating young people leading change in their local communities and across the world.