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Take The Pledge

Being an ally for bullied young people or taking a stand for yourself as a victim, is the first step in changing the way you think about bullying and a way for your friends and family to know what you stand for.  Sign the pledge today.

Recent News

 Dec. 1, 2014- We are excited to announce the launch of Rise Up Divas, a powerful new book co-authored by Kajmere Houchins, detailing the lives of powerful women who rose above their circumstance to do great things.

Campaigns You Join!


Eye on Ferguson

    Join us in support for the peace keepers and protestors in Ferguson,MO. Post your #handsupdontshoot photos to TPC Facebook page today.

Whats Happening Now

Be Inspired

It's finally happening! The Teresa Springer Show is set to officially announce the launch of the Rise Up Divas Book  December 10,2014. Tickets to the live show are available through Learn more......



Speed Sister Who?

Join What do Maraha Zahalka, Palestine & race cars have in common? Oh, there only the next big thing to hit movie theaters. Read more....

Fighting My Own Battle

    A candid interview with TPC Founder, Kajmere Houchins on the life she lives and the hopes for her future as she shares about her battle with depression and anxiety.